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We supply voice amplifiers for sport trainers, safari rangers, school teachers, professional presenters & speakers, tour guides and more!

Portable PA and coaching systems that make you heard.

We supply voice amplifiers to sport trainers, safari rangers, rock climbers, school teachers, professional presenters and speakers, tour guides, MC’s at functions, storytellers and dog trainers.

Exclusive import
We import most of our products. This ensures local warranty and services. When you think you need a different system for your specific needs, call us and we will find it.

Enjoy our renowned 5 star service anywhere in South Africa
Our services give you tangible benefits such as expert advice, up to 24 months warranty, swift repair, temporary replacement under warranty with a comparable device and continuous communication about the status of your system.

Need a PA system for a single occasion only?
We rent out systems at very good prices! CLICK HERE